Dynasty Warriors 7 – new trailer shows off new stuff

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So there’s a new Dynasty Warriors coming out.  Big deal right?  What are they up to now? 20? 21?  Oh wait, it’s only 7.  But they never really changed with each new installment right?  I mean, it’s always just the same story with the same characters in the same environments with slightly better graphics…right?  Oh wait, they added in a completely new faction?  So for those of you who don’t know what that means, Dynasty Warriors is a franchise that retells Chinese history from the feudal era (with some stylish embellishment, giant swords and ultimate attacks, you know).  Traditionally the Dynasty Warriors games have sported a total of 4 factions, Wu, Shu, Wei and “other” (other consists mainly of mercenaries and those who don’t really have an alignment to any one army).  Now in Dynasty Warriors 7 they are throwing in a completely new faction, Jin.  That should mix things up a bit.

But that’s just ONE tiny little thing, right?  I mean if that’s it then the game is barely changed from the previous…what?  Oh…you can now change each characters weapon types, allowing them to bring 2 weapons into and battle and switch them at will, even mid combo.  Well I SUPPOSE that’s a meaty change since traditionally the characters have always had their one iconic weapon type (except for some of the more recent games, much to my chagrin).  Still though, big deal.  It’s just the same assortment of weapons, axes swords…ARM CANNONS?!!?

Ok Ok Ok, so maybe this game has a FEW new things…wait…is that a guy riding an enemy soldier like a skateboard through a hoard of enemies?

Yup.  Alright, so this Dynasty Warriors looks poised to take home the gold.  Check out the official site for more details about everything revealed in this trailer and more.  Even if you aren’t a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series you should keep your eyes on this one, it looks like it’s changing things up in the best of ways.  The game is set to release  on March 22nd in North America and March 25th in Europe.

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