Call of Duty: Black Ops “First Strike” DLC coming to PS3 and PC in March

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While Xbox 360 users have been able to ride zip lines, race across no-mans land, and shoot at zombie monkeys for a week already, the PS3 and PC users have had to sit and wait for an unknown amount of time for First Strike to make it to their platform of choice. Now Activision has released information for these two systems which has placed their release dates in March.

The PlayStation 3 will be getting the First Strike DLC on March 3rd, while PC users will be getting the DLC some point later in the quarter, meaning some point later in March. Though considering the DLC has come out on the Xbox 360 already, is it really a First Strike anymore? Regardless of that expect the price to still be at $15 for four multiplayer maps and one zombie map.

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