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As the world of technology continues to grow, more and more updates and DLC is being submitted into the gaming world. Either big (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3), or small (iPod Touch and DSI) there coming to a screen near you! But today we won’t be looking at the big gaming systems, but in fact the simple and small game of “Burn The Rope” for the iPod/iPhone from Big Blue Bubble.

You may already know the “Cut The Rope” App with it’s complicated twists, turns, buttons, cute little monsters and cutting of the rope, has levels you must complete with up to a three star standard and a medium to hard game play depending on how far you get. “Burn The Rope” however, has completely changed up it’s game play, with having to rotate your device to keep the flame burning along the rope. It has the same sort of background as “Cut The Rope” but instead of collecting stars you get little tokens depending on how far you’ve burnt the rope, other similarities include, the level option which in both games you get to complete levels and then move on to a different stage, to having a little cute character as your mascot.

To be honest, you need a little bit of time to get use to the game, it’s controls and the specials it gives you along the way, but overall it is $1.19(AU) or 99c (US) well spent and hopefully the gaming and the level updates keep coming soon, providing us with hours of fun!

Download your copy today from the iTunes Store

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