1 Million Dragon Age II demo downloads unlocks in-game items

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Free items for a game that you want to purchase is already a good thing, but wrapping up these free items in a demo that we will already be downloading anyways is a great gift from the developers. BioWare has created what they are calling a Call to Arms challenge which will make fans of the series have to gather over one million demo downloads between February 22nd when it is released and March 1st.

If the one million mark is reached then BioWare will release two special items that will be free in the retail copy of the game. Two books titled Lothering’s Lament and The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall. Lothering’s Lament will give players an XP boost and unique perks while Kirkwall will give players free money to start their journey with.

Downloads on any console will go towards the goal so that means that all you have to do is download at least one demo and you will be doing your part. Or of course download it on all three if you can. You can track the progress of the download on the Call to Arms Page but I have little doubt that the one million mark will be reached.

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