Worst name evar and cool design come together in new earphones

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Think of the worst product name you have ever seen.  Wii?  Yes, that may have made many Westerners giggle, but it has still got nothing on the one your about to read.  How about iPad?  The instant it was announced, Apple haters, tech journalists and even some Apple fans instantly laughed on internet forums across the world.  Maybe the Bloggie, Sony’s new video recorder, comes to mind.  Not only does that name make it sound like your 5 when you say it, it also makes you look a little like a dork.  Still, the worst name for a product that I have recently seen is the Skunk Juice Ear Buds.  The name combines excretion and blatant visualization of the worst atrocities that a person may ever experience.

However, the product does have a few things going for it.  It combines magnets with headphones, so that if they get ripped out, your ear lobes will not follow.  You can also apparently connect many different headphones at once for those intimate, MP3 music sharing moments so many people like to have.  Check out the screenshot and video for details.

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