World of Tanks Open BETA – Now on!


World of Tanks, the worlds only cooperative MMORPG to dedicated to armoured military units, has began it’s open beta period.

In World of Tanks, players can play as famous WWII (World War II) tanks in cooperation with their friends and other players online in brutal clan wars. The game features over 150 different styles of tanks and allows players to try different kinds of artillery, whether it be long range Howitzers or the faster close range light tanks, to find their idea playing style and take down their opponents. Of course, being a cooperative game, it takes more than a single player to take down an enemy team so players will have to work together in order to win. Having a team that works well together is likely to be the best path to victory as one players weakness can be filled with another players strength.

World of tanks promises a few key features –

Key Features:

·         Action-packed 15-vs-15 PvP Tank battles

·         Mixture of Action, Strategy, Simulation and MMORPG genres

·         150 Vehicles, thousands of upgrades

·         Unprecedented global Clan Wars

You can sign up for the open beta below –

Here, for North American servers.

Here, for European Servers.

For more information on World of Tanks, please visit the Homepage.

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