The $1 Million Challenge is back! – MLB 2K11

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Basically everybody wants $1 million smackarroos.  $1 million bucks. $1 million DDDOOOLLLAARRSSS! And 2K Sports is offering us that very thing.  Pitch a perfect game on the highest difficulty and win yourself a pile of mulah.  A noun like money has so many names, you know everybody wants it.  If you are not excited yet, just watch the trailer below.

Of course, the only thing I can think of is actually trying to win the this challenge.  I would probably get to the last strike and allow a hit.  Wow, that would suck.  On second thought, I think I will let you try for the big money.  You probably deserve it anyway, right? 😉  And before you lose faith, somebody did win it last year.

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