Sci-Fi Neo-Noir Adventure, Gemini Rue, Coming Soon.

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Coming Soon from adventure game maker Wadjet Eye Games comes Gemini Rue, a sci-fi neo-noir tale of adventure and redemption spanning two characters across an entire galaxy.

The game follow the quest of two characters, Azriel Odin and Delta-Six – the first of which is an ex-assassin looking to find someone while the second awakens from a hospital with no memories, across a dark and bleak galaxy largely controlled by the Boryokudan crime syndicate in a tale of redemption and self discovery.

What’s an adventure game without an amazing cast? The cast of this game seem interesting and are as follows –

Azriel Odin – For most of his life, Azriel was a ruthless, emotionless, killer for the galaxy’s biggest crime syndicate – the Boryokudan.  But several years ago he had a change of heart.  He turned himself in and began fighting on the side of law and order; working to bring the syndicate down, one family at a time.  He is currently on the planet Barracus, hoping to aid other defectors who want to escape the Boryokudan.
Delta-Six – Deep inside a strange facility called Center 7, a man wakes up with no memory.  Your name is Delta-Six, he is told.  There is no chance of escape.  Follow orders, they say, and you go free.  Disobey, and you could lose everything.  As Delta-Six explores the facility, he is soon thrust into a struggle not only his life, but for his very identity.
Matthius Howard – A wisecracking ex-criminal who escaped the crime world in order to raise a family and live a “proper” life.  He’s currently on Barracus, helping his old friend Azriel out with a job.
Kane Harris – An upright, moral starship pilot who is more comfortable sitting at the controls of his ship than on the solid ground of any planet.  Against his better judgment, he has teamed up with Azriel to clean up the syndicates.  He believes the job is important, but can’t shake the feeling that Azriel’s loyalties might still be with the Boryokudan.
Epsilon-Five – Like Delta-Six, she is a resident of the mysterious Center 7.  She has always been terrified of the place and she looks to Delta-Six for protection.  Is her scared-little-girl act for real?  Or just a lie?  And why hasn’t she chosen a name for herself?
Balder – This resident of Center 7 spends most of his time working out at the center’s gym, dealing with old demons from a past that even he doesn’t remember.  Friendly and affable, he claims to be Delta-Six’s friend.  He seems likable enough, so why doesn’t anybody else want to talk to him?
Giselle – Another resident of Center 7, Giselle is tired of being ordered around.  She doesn’t know why she’s here or what is in store for her, but her life has narrowed down to one single-minded purpose: escape.  Don’t get in her way, because she plans to get out no matter what the cost.
The Director – Never seen, only heard over a loudspeaker, this mysterious man seems to be in charge of the residents of Center 7.  But who is he?  Does he have his own agenda?  Or does he actually have the residents’ best interests in mind?

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The game is set to be released on the 24th of February and is available for pre-order on the official page.
It looks like it’s to be download only, but they’re releasing a limited run of physical copies.
Prices are –
$14.99 US for the Download version.
$24.99 US for the Limited edition CD.

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