Sackboy is back & ready to capture your heart!

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The adorable Sackboy is ready for you in LittleBigPlanet 2 for PlayStation 3. It is now available and  priced at AUD$109.95. Not only do you get a single player campaign, but LBP will also feature the unique community interaction the first game was famous for.  Already, over three million original levels have been created and uploaded.

You can even experience Little Big Planet 2 while at work.  Visit view, share and rate fellow gamer created levels.  Plus, 3 levels created by Australian celebrities are also available.   Danny Clayton will take you on a journey of his experience at a Daft Punk concert in 2007.  YouTuber Blunty3000 will let you play the game of being an online video creator challenging spammers.   Christiaan Van Vuuren, The Fully Sick Rapper, lets you quarantine yourself in LBP as you battle viruses and try to escape from the hospital.  Check out these levels on Youtube here.

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