Prinny 2 released in US; unlock Asagi Wars effortlessly via PSN

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Big news Prinny fans, Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! has been released all across the US for purchase in stores in UMD format and you can also download it straight from the PSN if you feel like getting it that way instead. You can see our review of the game here. It may be very difficult but with 1000 prinny lives dood you can do it!

Also as you can see in my review of the game you will notice that collecting tickets to get the hidden Asagi Wars game is pretty difficult. Thankfully you will no longer have to worry about doing elaborate jumps and making it through Prinny 2 to successfully unlock Asagi Wars. NIS America has released a patch for Prinny 2 that you can get off of the PSN that will allow you to make your way into Asagi Wars without trouble. The method for doing so was posted on the Playstation blog and you can find it below.

Prinny 2: Asagi Wars Premium Special Ticket (free): Can’t wait for Asagi to become the main character? Well, she can’t either! Grab this special ticket and help Asagi come to the front of the line. Gain access to Asagi Wars right from the beginning! Forget the Prinnies, this time Asagi can be the hero! In order to activate after installing, place the cursor on “New Game” at the title screen and press the buttons in the order of: ∆, □, о, ∆, □, о, ×

It will only cost you 481 KB of storage and works perfectly fine. This way you’ll have a much easier way of getting to Asagi Wars if you don’t feel like doing it the standard way.

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