Pocket PC revealed – Razer Switchblade

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At CES Razer, known for their high profile (and admittedly, expensive) gaming peripherals like mouses and keyboards, revealed its next big thing, a pocket PC known as the Razer Switchblade.  The Switchblade marks a new chapter for Razer who says that this is only the first of many great and new devices from them.  The Switchblade was born of the necessity for a quality PC gaming experience in the handheld format.  Don’t get TOO excited about this yet, Razer says this is only a concept at the moment.  This means that what you are looking at isn’t final and likely will not be available for purchase in its current form.  This is more of an announcement of things to come.

The Switchblade concept is about 7 x 6 inches.  Whether or not you think this is an adequate enough size for quality PC gaming is up to you.  It comes equipped with the ability to connect to WiFi and 3G.  It will run on Windows 7 and have mini HDMI, USB 3.0 and standard mic and headphone ports.  There is unfortunately no estimated cost as of yet as this is merely in the conceptual stage at the moment.  Click on over to the Switchblade’s website to register for updates on its progress and read more about this innovative new device.

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