Play Skee Ball without going to the Arcade; Just use Halo Reach

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Skee Ball is a great game.  But going out to the arcade, changing your money into specialty coins, and throwing balls that have been touched hundreds of times by who knows who is not great.  Besides, you just bought Halo Reach for $60 anyway.  Xbox Live member and Halo Reach content creator B0ANERGES created a gametype and map in Halo Reach that allows you to save money and be protected from the outside world, while at the same time playing Skee Ball.   His custom creation uses an inclined ramp leading to rings within rings.   Add some golf equipment in, and you got yourself a perfect cool down game after going 0-50 in that last, unspeakable match. This creation even includes an automatic ball return system. Ingenious! Download the map here and the gametype here.

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