Plants vs Zombies Launches for the DS…

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Consider this post more of a reminder that one of last year’s biggest titles, Plants vs Zombies will be out tomorrow (1/18) for the Nintendo DS. While this version doesn’t seem all too different from the standard Plants vs Zombies we have all seen, it does offer a great way to take the addicting title with you at all times as fully utilizing the Nintendo DS’ touch screen control scheme, letting you drag and drop your army of plants straight on the battlefield.

I think one of the things that makes this version so appealing (at least to myself), is the low price-tag that goes along with it at just $19.99 (US) as well as all the features such as survival, 2-Player, and some brand new mini-games will all be playable on this new portable version. You check out the trailer below and get your survival plans ready as the zombie invasion is just hours away from hitting the Nintendo DS.

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