Pandora Hearts Volume 2 Premium Edition available now!

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Anime fans will be happy to know that the final volume of episodes is now available for Pandora Hearts. Pandora Hearts Volume 2 has been released to various online retailers courtesy of NIS America and will close out the story of Oz Vessalius as he tries to survive with the help of Alice. Anyone who buys the Pandora Hearts Volume 2 will be automatically given the Premium Edition which comes with a fully colored art book complete with episode guides and art work from the show itself, and of course a collectors box.

You can catch our review of Volume 1 here. Volume 1 introduced us to the world that Oz lives in, which has touches of Alice in Wonderland inside of it. Keep in mind that the production quality will be just the same as was seen in the first volume. This includes the grain effect so buyers should not be concerned if they find their picture grainy. Of course if you want to buy it you can pick it up at the following online stores: NIS America’s Online Store, Anime Castle, Right Stuf, and The Anime Corner Store for $59.99 and under.

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