Nintendo 3DS Priced and Dated for the U.S!

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As I am writing this, the Nintendo 3DS event is going on with all of the developers sharing some of the awesome features as well as new titles for the handheld, but Nintendo’s twitter is surely the thing to watch at the moment if you are not at the event live, as an official price of $249.99 has just been named for the console (for those who are watching, there is a bit of a delay happening so this is why the date and price came forward first). This price is about what I exactly expected and really isn’t bad at all due to the massive amount of features (which we will get to in a bit) included.

Of course the main news here to go along with this is that the Nintendo 3DS will be hitting the states on March 27, 2011 and the 25th of March in Europe. Just a little over two months away! I know I am ready for this one and be sure to stay tuned as we will be covering even more highlights from this event.

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