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NGP’s Near app tracks your location and other NGP user’s location

It’s interesting to see just how far GPS tracking has come, and with the NGP coming fully equipped with a working GPS and even 3G capability that means that it can track your location anywhere. Sony isn’t going to just let this tracking capability go to waste either. In the before mentioned Near app, NGP owners will be able to see a map that shows exactly where they have been over the past period of time they have selected.

What is even more interesting however is the fact that, since Near takes advantage of the PSN, others who own the NGP and carry it around with them will also show up on your map however close they actually are to you. To top that off they have also given it the ability to show what nearby owners are playing at the time and even give you the option to buy that game right on the same screen. This means if you have a whole bunch of people living nearby you that happen to own the NGP and are all playing a game together, you won’t have to feel left out. Instead you can just jump right in!

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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