New Tomb Raider beats up Lara; screenshots and art inside

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Lara Croft has definitely seen better days in these screenshots released for the more gritty reboot to the series that Square Enix and Eidos are working on. These screenshots may be a bit old to some people but that doesn’t mean that a good compilation isn’t needed. She’s bloody, she’s beaten, she’s even tied up in one case but she looks to be ever vigilant.

While this Tomb Raider is still being developed by Crystal Dynamics the studio has promised that players will see Tomb Raider in an entirely new light after they play this game, whether they have ever played a Tomb Raider before or not. Supposedly Lara will be stranded on an unknown beach after the boat she was on was destroyed during a brutal storm. She has no choice but to try and survive in an unforgiving environment. Oh and did I mention that she has no experience whatsoever in adventuring during this game? Interesting stuff.

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