New Halo novel has arrived

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Greg Bear has completed work on the newest novel in the Halo series.  The book is entitled Halo: Cryptum.  Two other books are on the way that will complete the series.   The contents of the book include details on the Forerunners and why they went extinct.  Will the extinction of other species be included too?  Maybe… dinosaurs?!   The Precursors, the forerunners to the Forerunners, will also be described in detail, because everybody needs to know about super advanced aliens.  You can go to your local bookstore or super advanced digital device to purchase this reading material.  Just make sure you memorize every detail.  You never know, someday you may NEED this info.

“The great part about what Greg has just begun with HALO: Cryptum is
that it opens up this amazing universe that emerged from the game
industry to anyone curious about HALO,” says Tor senior editor Eric
Raab. “It takes place thousands of years before the games themselves,
making it a great place to enter the world. And the fact it’s a human
origins story from one of the genre’s masters, makes it a substantial
science fiction offering on its own.”

Buy the super awesome book here! or here!

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