New bill in the US could impose labels on games

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U.S. Congressman Joe Baca  has introduced the Video Game Health Labeling Act, a bill that would require a warning label on all games rated T or higher.  The original bill’s text misidentified the ESRB as the Electronics Software Rating Board.  It seems somebody didn’t do their research .

The label would read: “WARNING: Excessive exposure to violent video games and other violent media has been linked to aggressive behavior.”   Of particular note is the fact that a recent study done in Australia has found no clear link between real world aggression and the playing of video games.

“Just as we warn smokers of the health consequences of tobacco, we should warn parents – and children — about the growing scientific evidence demonstrating a relationship between violent video games and violent behavior,” Rep. Frank Wolf said in a statement. “As a parent and grandparent, I think it is important people know everything they can about the extremely violent nature of some of these games.”

The  bill currently is currently being considered by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, although it is not a priority.  Even if the bill is passed, it would still take quite a bit of force in the legislation to pass the bill.

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