Monster Tale Gets a Debut Trailer…

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A few months ago we brought some information about Majesco’s upcoming genre bending title, Monster Tale. Now since it has been so long, you should actually get re-introduced with what Monster Tale exactly is. Monster Tale is a Nintendo DS title that is being developed by Dreamrift, creators of Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure which launch to quite a following and a lot of praise a few years ago. What makes this title truly unique is how it utilizes the two screens of the Nintendo DS by using the top screen for platforming and the bottom screen for an in-depth virtual pet simulation game. It is quite an interesting concept honestly and the information that we have so far is making Monster Tale look quite promising.

The story follows a girl named Ellie and a newly hatched monster named Chomp who together set out to reclaim the Monster World from the Kid Kings and their enslaved creature pets. I have been extremely interested in this title for good reason since last year as it seems to be a unique title that is blending together two genres for an original yet fun experience. Dare I say this could even be a new franchise in the making? Majesco have released a brand new trailer for the game which you can check out below and you can expect Monster Tale to hit shelves sometime in March. For more information you can check out and be sure to “Like” the official facebook page for some exclusive updates on Monster Tale at

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