Monster Hunter Freedom 3 Sells 4 Million copies in Japan…

Action News Capcom RPG PSP

I think it is easy to say that in Japan, the Monster Hunter series is just about as big as Pokémon these days. Capcom recently announced that since it’s release of December 1st in Japan, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (or Monster Hunter Freedom 3 as it will be known upon it’s overseas release) has sold over 4 Million copies. Capcom also stated that the series is now up to 17 million units shipped worldwide, which is a huge success overall. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 is also now the fastest selling PSP title ever as of today due to the huge numbers.

With the pending U.S. release of a new 360 title and already the success of Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, it is great to see this series get the respect it deserves. I am curious of how well Freedom 3 will sell overseas when it is released later this year as the PSP seems to finally have a system selling franchise under it’s belt. Either way though, at 4 Million is just a little over a month, there is no doubt that PSP owners all over the world are now going to take notice for when Monster Hunter Freedom 3 launches everywhere later this year.

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