Megaman Legends 3 – Check out the Heroine.

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Megaman Legends 3, the latest installment in a long line of the highly popular Megaman franchise, was announced late last year to the delight of many fans. In particular, the very vocal crowd of hardcore Legends fans. The third game in the Legends series appears to follow a new set of protagonists, as opposed to Megaman Volnutt and his companion Roll. A short while after the announcement for the game was made the developers held a contest to decide on the names and appearance of the main characters. This article is to look at the leading female, Aero.

This is Aero, she’s kind of cute ūüėÄ

Judging on the looks of the character, she looks like she may be a digger… perhaps even searching for the Legendary ‘Mother-Lode’.
Her appearance is quite fashionable and seems to be quite cute. Of particular interest are her belted arm-zippers, while fashionable they also appear as though they could be helpful for somebody who indeed spends their day digging for things. The thing that is most appealing about the design though is that it is very Megaman-esque while retaining the Legends art-style. That is so very awesome!

The modelling process behind Aero looks quite complicated, but has resulted in a very artistic character that shares an excellent resemblance to the art style of the previous games. Be sure to check out the first part of the modelling process here at Capcom Unity and the second part here. For more updates on the development process, be sure to check back to the development blog frequently over at Capcom Unity

The Legends series began life on the Playstation1 in the late nineties and was well *very* well received by fans of the Megaman franchise, it was also ported to the N64 a few years after it’s Japanese release (’97PS1, ’00N64). It was also the first Megaman game to make use of a completely three-dimensional environment while retaining the tough as nail platforming and boss-fight elements. While the main Megaman canon follows through from series to series with it’s worldbuilding (Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Zero, Megaman ZX), this was the first (proper) spin-off to be set in a different universe to the main canon which, of course, helped it into it’s popular status among fans. In this universe the world has become flooded and scavengers, known as diggers, go and hunt down the legendary ‘Mother-Lode’, widely believed as the ultimate treasure to end all of the worlds energy troubles.

The first legends game was popular enough to warrant a sequel, which was also released on the Playstation1. The game shares a similar goal to the first. And that leaves us with Legends 3, to be released on the 3DS handheld.

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