Mass Effect 2 probes PSN on January 18th

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Do you have one of those PS3’s with a huge hard drive and don’t have much room left to store your massive collection of games? Then you are in luck because BioWare will be releasing the entirety of Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation Store next Tuesday when it releases in stores as well. This downloadable version will contain all of the specials that the retail version includes; such as the “Overlord,” “Lair of the Shadow Broker” and “Kasumi” DLC that PS3 users are getting free with purchase.

There is no set price for the downloadable version but it will most likely cost the same, or close to, the retail price that is being suggested at $60. If it does happen to be cheaper then it will be interesting to see the difference between the sales figures for each format. Though size of the download could play a part as well. You can also catch Mass Effect 2’s PS3 launch trailer, subtitles included thanks to the German branch of EA, below.

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