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Popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering has recently turned tactical in the latest PC (and PS3) offering from the franchise – Magic the Gathering – Tactics.
Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is a free to play online tactical strategy game from Sony Online Entertainment built in collaboration with Wizards of The Coast, owners of the franchise.

In Magic: The Gathering – Tactics, players assume the role of a ‘Planeswalker’ and must use their units tactically against either a human or a.i opponent. A Planeswalker is a type of mage which controls the many different types of units and spells from the five colors of magic. Players are promised a competitive online experience which details: online tournaments, online battles against human players as well as battles against the a.i. On top of the online experience Magic The Gathering – Tactics promises a single-player campaign for players to enjoy and work through. Though aren’t just the only features to the game, players also build and level their own Planeswalker avatar and can purchase additional packs and campaign chapters in-game.

To quote the website –

Experience a new dimension of Magic™!

  • Play Magic: The Gathering – Tactics™ For Free! No subscription required.
  • Download quickly and jump in right away with a free account!
  • Compete against others online, or battle through story driven campaigns, for experience and rewards!
  • Experience a strategy game that features characters, creatures, spells and settings from the rich world of Magic: The Gathering®, fully realized in 3D!

Please visit the Magic: The Gathering – Tactics homepage to download and play the game.

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