Kirby’s Epic Yarn Finally dated for Australia…

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After a long wait, one of the best titles of 2010 is finally ready to come down under as Kirby’s Epic Yarn now has a release date of February 24th in Australia. Now, if you haven’t had the chance to try Kirby’s Epic Yarn, it is a bit similar to your standard Kirby title, except in a world made of fabric and yarn with all new powers and a new adventure for our pink hero. In my opinion, this title also packs a punch with one of the best soundtracks of last year as well as each level’s score is memorable and stays true to the Kirby franchise. It is a title that really must be tried by any fan of platformers out there and is bursting at the seems with charm.

We also awarded Kirby’s Epic Yarn a golden capsule under the Wii category and loved the game so much, it received a perfect 10/10! So now that all of the Wii owners have been put on notice for a release date, it is now time to prepare for Kirby’s Epic Yarn to finally come to Australia.

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