Kinect hacked to play Angry Birds

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The Xbox 360 Kinect has been hacked to control and do many things.  In a way, the jail-breaking done on the Kinect has been just as newsworthy as the actual hardware and software have.  And now, one of the biggest mobile games of last year has been paired with the device. is a website devoted to hacking the Kinect.  Now, they have made it so that you can play Angry Birds with the Kinect.  It is like your own bird flinging slingshot!   I would be hard pressed to say that the game works better on Kinect than on an iPhone, but it does raise some interesting possibilities.  The actions taken in the video below mimic some of the actions you could take, in say, a RTS game?  Bring it on Halo Wars Kinect 2: The Kinectening.

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