Killzone 3 open beta begins February 2nd and 3rd

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Killzone 3 will be released in stores February 22nd in the US and Europe on the 23rd but what about a open beta for the multiplayer that was discussed in the past? Thankfully it seems that Sony hasn’t forgotten about giving fans a taste of action before the game releases. For two weeks players will be able to sample all three of the online multiplayer modes that Killzone 3 will have; including 16-player Guerrilla Warfare, 24-player Warzone, and 16-player Operations. Also included in the demo is a Botzone where players will fight against computer opponents in an online setting.

This open beta will give players a taste of not only the multiplayer on the Frozen Dam map, but will also give a taste of the game’s Move support and, if you have a TV to support it, stereoscopic 3D. So this means that players will be able to advantage of this beta and its contents until February 14th and the 15th respectively.

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