Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer released in English

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It seemed like just earlier this week we saw this exact same trailer; except it was in Japanese. Well it was the beginning of the week actually but regardless of that fact, Square Enix has released the trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 themselves and it is in English this time around. Bear in mind before you watch the trailer below you should know that it contains spoilers regarding the ending of Final Fantasy XIII. Meaning if you haven’t finished that game then you should go do so now to experience the drama that is FFXIII.

Now in the trailer we can hear that Ali Hillis is returning to voice Lightning again, just like she is for Dissidia 012 [duodecim]. Unfortunately even though the trailer is now in English there hasn’t been much more revealed at this point regarding who exactly that person is and why is he/she Lightning’s new rival. It is worth taking notice that so far however, FFXIII-2 is only showing a PS3 release in Winter.

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