Dragon Quest VI gets a Slime Plush Pre-Order Bonus from Gamestop…

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If you were on the fence about pre-ordering a copy of the new Dragon Quest title, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, you might as well head to Gamestop and get that over with as all customers who pre-order are getting a snazzy little slime plush (pictured above) when they order online or pick up in store. The Dragon Quest series as a whole is starting to see more and more attention in the west since the highly successful launch of Dragon Quest IX last year and I am happy to see a nice bonus being added to this remake.

So unless you have no heart and would look this innocent slime in the eyes and just say no, I recommend you to pre-order what might be one of the best RPGs hitting the DS this year while giving one of these lovable slimes a home. Dragon Quest VI officially releases on February 14th for the Nintendo DS and for more information on this bonus you can check out GameStop’s official listing for the title here.

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