Dragon Age II announced; named The Exiled Prince

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Yep, it’s an announcement for DLC before the game has even been released. It’s a buyers worst nightmare. But alas there isn’t much we can do about it as Bioware has announced the first bit of launch day DLC for Dragon Age II. If you were to pre-order the Signature Edition you will be getting this DLC for free, however everyone else will have to pay 560 MSP or $7 depending on the console that they own Dragon Age II for. So if you are looking to pick up Dragon Age II you have only until the 11th to receive the free upgrade.

The DLC was announced alongside of a trailer which shows off what the content will be about. There will be entirely new content exclusive to those who download the DLC, as well as a new companion and new sidequests. Sure there may have been plenty of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins but it is a bit strange when a company announces DLC two months before the game is even released.

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