Dead Space outfits to be bought on Battlefield Heroes

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EA has always been very supportive of their free-to-play Battlefield Heroes online game. Sure you can buy little additions but that isn’t a necessity. Unless of course you want to look like Isaac Clarke from Dead Space 2 as you do battle now. Yep Electronic Arts has released two different outfits for Battlefield Heroes and they have been named the Titan Security and CEC Advanced suit.

The outfits will be able to be bought together for the price of 1750 BattleFunds which are the game’s form of currency. This means that the outfits will cost over $10 as a $10 purchase will only give you 1400 BattleFunds, meaning a price around $12.75. That seems a bit pricey but they will definitely have you looking unique as you shoot at each other on the battlefield.

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