Dead Space 2 Interview with Shereif Fattouh – Producer

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MasteraAbbott today sat down with Dead Space 2 Producer – Shereif Fattouh. 

To give you a little run down,  Shereif Fattouh has been with EA for over 9 years and his involvement with the Dead Space franchise is listed below: 

  • Gameplay Producer on Dead Space 2: responsible for all enemies, combat, controls and level mechanics.
  • Producer of Dead Space:  Extraction (both Wii and PSN/Move versions)
  • Associate Producer:  Dead Space 1:   Producer of the audio team and levels.
  • Aside from working on Dead Space 1 and 2, Shereif has also been involved in the development of The Simpsons Game, Tiger Woods Golf 05-07 and Knockout Kings.

In our video interview with Shereif we discuss, the new enemies, combat weapons, level mechanics and improvements to Zero G sections, and of course the multiplayer aspect of Dead Space 2, which sounds very interesting and quite unique.  So sit back turn up the volume and enjoy the interview. 

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Dead Space 2 will be available on the 25th of January in the US and 27th Of January in Australia.  If you haven’t already done so pre-order your copy here.

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Special thanks to all the fine people at EA and also Shereif for taking the time answer our questions.

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