Dawn of War II: Retribution Collector’s Edition revealed for Australia

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II has seen much success since it’s release will soon see an expansion pack to be released for the RTS. The third expansion to the game (though only the second actual paid expansion) will be released next March for players to purchase. But rather than just buying the standard edition what about buying the Collector’s Edition that was just revealed?

As you can see above the Collector’s Edition will include quite a few different items which are of your standard fair for your average collector’s edition. But what is interesting about this pack is that you can receive four bonus wargear items for your character depending on what playable race you purchase the game for. This means that each of the six races playable in the game; the Orks, Tyranid, Chaos, Eldar, Space Marines and Imperial Guard will each have new specific items. You can pre-order the collector’s edition now for $59.95 AU from either EB Games, GAME, or JB Hi-Fi and expect to be picking up your collector’s edition sometime in March

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