BradyGames Giving Away Free Digital Bayonetta Strategy Guides…

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It is crazy to think that it has been a year since Bayonetta graced consoles, but one thing we didn’t see for the game was an official strategy guide. A guide was supposed to be released and FuturePress did have a very small print of a hardcover version, but sadly the U.S. was left out of that print as well as many other parts of the world leaving gamers to import the guide at a hefty price if they wanted a full run down on the game itself.

Well, those who are still trying to aim for perfection are in luck as BradyGames have released a digital version of what I am guessing is the canceled paperback titled “The Perfect Witch Guide” and are offering it at the low low price of FREE on their website. I know, many of you probably use Youtube or random FAQs out there to get a guide fix, but I have a strange obsession with getting the so called “official” strategies for certain games, and for certain parts of Bayonetta, a guide can really come in handy. Honestly, as in depth as this version is, it is a shame we didn’t see a physical version, but I am thrilled that a digital version has been made available. You can see the official page preview of the guide by clicking HERE, or simply download and enjoy the whole package from the two links below. I have no clue on how long this will be available, so even if you are just planning on purchasing Bayonetta down the road, you might as well grab this download while the getting is good.

Part 1
Part 2

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