Prototype 2 Confirmed at VGAs; Gets a New Trailer…

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The VGA’s are honestly becoming almost as interesting as E3 anymore as many developers are using the award show to hype their games for the next year’s release. Prototype 2 has been buzzing for a week or so now since the mysterious “Murder Your Maker” teaser was released, and now Activision officially confirmed the game for 2012 with an awesome new trailer.

While the trailer is only roughly a minute and a half, but it does a somewhat good job of filling everyone in on the story. Prototype 2 puts Sergeant James Allen in pursuit of the first title’s Alex Mercer. Two years may sound like quite a wait, but I am sure there will be plenty of more information leading up until then, so check back for certain as we will bring any more information as it comes out. You can check out the trailer for yourself below.

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