Kirby’s Epic Yarn Gets Dated for Europe…

News Platformer Wii Nintendo

One of the best Wii games release this year, or at least to myself, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, finally has got an official European release date. If you by chance have been living under a rock and never heard of the title, Kirby returned back in October in the states to critical praise just about every where (you can check out our review HERE).

For those who haven’t got a chance to play it, the game is like no other released this year and honestly begs to be enjoyed rather than played as you and/or a friend travel through the fabric and yarn filled world, trying to save the day from the evil Yin Yarn. Kirby has a full range of new abilities as well that all utilize this unique artstyle to the fullest extent. Kirby’s Epic Yarn officially releases of February 25th for EU users everywhere next year and this is also good news for AU residents as we don’t have an official date for the release yet but I have a feeling it should be just right around the corner for Australia as well.

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