Humble Indie Bundle 2 expanded to include Bundle 1’s contents

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In the spirit of giving, and giving back, those who already contributed to the Humble Indie Bundle are going to be receiving a little bit extra for their money. The Humble Indie Bundle 2 now also contains the original Indie Bundle for free if you have already bought the second version. That means that you can now pick up World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugara HD, Penumbra Overture, and also Samarost 2 as easy as you had your original HIB2.

If you had been waiting to act on the HIB2 however then you will have to pay a little bit extra to get the first HIB. You can still pay whatever you feel like for the HIB2 but to receive the extra games that were in HIB you have to pay at least the average contribution price, or give a bit extra down the line to put your initial payment over the average. Which means that you better act fast because the average price paid will most likely continue to go up. But this isn’t about getting games for a deal, it may still be in your books, but it is also about helping sick children and this is more than enough incentive to do so.

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