Frobot Jives Onto the WiiWare…

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Independent developer Fugazo recenly released their first WiiWare title today by the name of Frobot and for a title that seems to have just randomly popped up during this hectic gaming season, I must say it looks to have a lot to offer. Frobot is a funky Robot who is determined to take down the Botblocker Corporation with his hair picks that upgrade his powers along with a vast assortment of moves and puzzle solving skills.

What can you expect from Frobot? Here is a list of features:

Frobot is programmed to make love, not war, but when his five foxy girlfriends get botnapped he doesn’t skip a beat takin the fight to the streets. Blast your way up from the Funkytown Slums to the BotBlocker HQ and get back what’s yours!

  • Burn Baby Burn – Earn powerful special weapons including the Robo Hustle dash and the Jivestalker disco ball to help take on the Man!
  • The Big Payback – Journey through a story mode filled with action, adventure, and fro-frazzling physics puzzles to rescue your girlfriends!
  • Find hidden power picks and upgrade your style!

It’s a fight to the last Fro in Frobot’s multiplaya arena! Face off with up to three of your friends on one TV to see who will earn the spotlight.

  • It’s Raining Guns – Access an expanded arsenal of funky weapons including the Bass Bomb grenade and the Heartstopper shield!
  • Do the Hustle – Unlock multiplaya maps by beating single playa levels in record time!

Fugazo have also released a trailer for the game which can be watched below. The trailer alone is easily one of the best previews this year comedy-wise and I must urge all of you Wii owners to download the demo at least now to check this one out. With a full single player campaign and “multiplaya” to boot, Frobot smells like a cult hit to me and at 1000 Nintendo points, your Wii certainly could use the Funky Love from this jivin’ robot.

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