DoDoGo! Challenge Launches on the DSiWare…

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The DSiWare is honestly starting to fill up with unique and off the wall indie titles and I am really liking how broad the selection has been growing as of late. One new title that just recently hit the DSiShop is Neko Entertainment’s DoDoGo! Challenge. If the name sounds a bit familiar that is due to the fact that this title is a sequel to the popular puzzler, DoDoGo! which released earlier this year.

“DodoGo! Challenge is a Nintendo DSi stylus touch based game designed exclusively for the Nintendo DSi™ that is full of surprises and bonus levels”, said Laurent Lichnewsky, Managing Director of Neko Entertainment, “Whether you’re a casual player or an experienced gamer, DodoGo Challenge will keep you entertained for hours on end”

The story pretty much involves traveling back into the pre-historic age and rescuing the DoDo’s eggs after a title wave scattered them all across the land. Using the stylus the player must safely transport the eggs back to their nest while avoiding different obstacles such as predators, pitfalls and many other dangers. In a way, DoDoGo! Challenge reminds me of the Mario vs DK series or the Lemmings series so if you are a fan of either of those like me, this one should be a no-brainer. Players can dig, fill holes, saw, and cut their way to victory in over 100 levels.

Games like this I have a habit of getting into quickly and from the looks of the art style, visuals appear to be just as charming as the gameplay. You can check out the trailer below for DoDoGo! Challenge and pick up the game in the DSiWare shop for 500 Nintendo points. For even more information, check out

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