American Retailers Bring On Some Huge Pre-Christmas Sales…

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If your trying to find that perfect title for either yourself or a friend this Christmas season, it shouldn’t be too hard as many American retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop, and Toys R Us have marked down some popular titles and to make it easy for you, you can check out some of the highlights below.

Buy both Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare get $30 off (Wednesday, December 15th ONLY)

At a list price of $59.99 for Red Dead and $29.99 on Undead Nightmare (For both PS3 & 360), this is a great way to get both for the price of RDR alone if you have yet to pick up the main title.

Besides a $20 discount on Tony Hawk’s Shred, this pretty much wraps up the Toys-R-Us deals.

Best Buy

Deals Valid from 12/19 to 12/25
PS3 & 360
Vanquish- $39.99
Fable 3- $39.99
Halo Reach- $39.99
Borderlands GOTY- $39.99
Enslaved: Odyssey To the West- $29.99
Shaun White Skateboarding- $29.99
Lost Planet 2- $9.99

Sonic Colors- $39.99
Wipeout- $29.99

Along with all versions of the Tony Hawk’s Shred & DJ Hero 2 Bundles being $54.99, these deals look very tempting and with Lost Planet 2 having such a huge drop, now would be the time to grab a copy when these prices go live as $9.99 is a steal.


Power Saver Sale

All Used PS2 games- 10% Off

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light – $19.99
Sonic Colors- $19.99
Atari Greatest Hits- $19.99
Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar- $19.99
Rooms: The Main Building- $9.99
Puzzle Chronicles- $9.99

Sonic Colors- $39.99
Zumba Fitness- $29.99

Xbox 360
Zumba Fitness- $39.99
Halo Reach- $49.99
Fable 3- $39.99
Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2- $49.99
Splatterhouse- $49.99
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011- $49.99

Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2- $49.99
Splatterhouse- $49.99
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011- $49.99
Zumba Fitness- $39.99

Bundles (All Systems)
Tony Hawk Shred – $49.99
DJ Hero 2 Bundle $49.99

And that wraps up the highlights for now! If you see anything on this list, make sure you grab it while the price is right. Like most retailer Christmas wars, the winners are usually the gamers out there. If any further deals come forward, we will be sure to let you know!

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