Your Shape: Fitness Evolved plans DLC

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Have you heard the saying, “a healthful heaping of downloadable content always keeps the sickness at bay.”  Neither have I,  but Ubisoft aims to try to take a variation of that and go mainstream with it by releasing some new exercise routines on Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. The packs that will be available in December for the Xbox 360 Kinect are:

  • “The ‘“Toned Body Program”’, to strengthen all your muscles and get a firmer body.”
  • ‘“Cardio Boxing Platinum”’, a new advanced level of the Cardio-Boxing class.”
  • ‘“Beach Body Workout”’, to get you in shape for bikini season!”

A second offering will include:

  • ‘“New Year, New You”’, a specific program to get back in shape after Xmas and New Year’s celebrations.”
  • ‘“Dance Workout: Bollywood”’, a high impact dance workout using popular Bollywood dance moves.”

According to Claudine Cézac, the game’s producer, fitness and health experts recommended this DLC be made.

She says, “When we started working on the development of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, we contacted several renowned fitness experts and trainers.  Each trainer insisted on the fact that in order to keep people motivated, it would be important to consistently bring new varieties of exercise to the game. That’s why from the very start, we thought of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved as a comprehensive fitness program that players would be able to enrich at their will. There are many different ways to work out and get in shape, and that’s what we want to offer with the add-on content.”

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