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Will Activision ever learn?

One of Activision’s key franchises just saw a new title release this week, Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Surely to make a metric buttload of cash and sales, this is no surprise.  However, one may remember not so long ago, when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launched, it didn’t sell as much on PC.  Not surprising to be honest, while FPS are certainly better suited to PC’s, not everybody has the know how or pockets deep enough to fund such an endeavor in order to play PC games.

But that wasn’t good enough for Activision.  They wanted to hear from the fans themselves as to why the PC release didn’t sell so much.  Was it DRM?  Was it subpar porting?  Was it shoddy controls?  Lack of people to play multiplayer with?  They simply had to know.  So if you are looking for a place to post a serious question with intent on getting serious and informative thoughts on the subject, what one place do you want to post on that you KNOW you will get only the highest quality repsonses and insight?  That’s right, 4chan!

So Activision asked, and so 4chan hath spoken.  Dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs are scientifically proven to be awesome.  Even if they don’t fit at all into the subject matter, the addition of dinosaurs in a game will reveal marked improvement in not only sales but overall quality.  Take one of the most successful and widely known gaming franchises in freaking HISTORY, Mario.  All those Yoshi’s proved so successful that they even spawned their own spin off franchise.  Now take Call of Duty, hardly any dinosaurs!  You do the math Activision, you freakin need to add them dinosaurs, pronto!

As great a game as Call of Duty: Black Ops is, I have yet to hear about any dinosaurs.  Activision needs to seriously step up it’s game and start listening to what the fans, the very people who have made the franchise so successful, want.  Unless they begin taking advice from the fans, Activision only serves to lose its hardcore fanbase, as 4chan has proven to be.