Mario and Donkey Kong Return to Their Mini-Form on the DS…

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There really hasn’t been too much buzz for Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem which hit stores yesterday on the Nintendo DS so I think it is about time to explain why this is a worthy title for any of you DS owners out there wanting a new and innovative title for your portable collections. Now if you have played any of the Mario vs DK series in the past, you know about the fast paced action-puzzle themed gameplay already.

Mini-Land mayhem takes that solid formula and adds a fresh coat of paint on it with more creation and levels than ever before with over 200 areas players must guide their mini-Marios through to save the Princess Pauline. Using simple stylus controls, players can place girders to cross pits, build conveyor belts, set springs or strategically place warp pipes to make their way to the next level. The new Mini Pauline joins the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series’ roster of familiar toys (including Mini Mario, Mini Toad, Mini Princess and Mini Donkey Kong).

The construction mode seems to be where the most replay value can be found though as players can build their own crazy map and upload them to the Nintendo WFC. Players can also download other maps made by gamers all over the world as well so this seems to be almost a whole different experience on it’s own.

“Mario vs. Donkey Kong games are known for providing endless fun due to their unique combination of platform and puzzle elements along with the compelling usage of Mini Marios,” said Marc Franklin, Nintendo of America’s director of Public Relations. “Play this latest hand-held adventure for just a few minutes and you’ll understand why it’s so hard to put down.”

I am glad to the the continuation of this series as it certainly plays to the roots of Mario and Donkey Kong’s careers in the gaming world. Mini Land Mayhem seems to be jam-packed with content allowing for many hours of play as well so this is without a doubt a heavy contender for the Nintendo DS this holiday season as is now available in the states at a price of $29.99.

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