Gran Turismo 5 Course and Car list Revealed

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With the New Release date pushed foward, Info found here

This date is ALSO United states. I saw it with my own eyes at the Gamestop I work at.  No surprise really after my conspiracy article found here

There is a complete track and car list that have been released. As many know there are over 1000 cars. That is a lot of rubber and aluminum. From the list that I have, there are 71 tracks and 1032 cars in the game. Here is a complete list of the tracks;

Fuji Speedway F
Fuji Speedway GT
Suzuka Circuit
Suzuka Circuit East Course
Superspeedway – Daytona
(Daytona International Speedway)
Road Course – Daytona
(Daytona International Speedway)
Tsukuba Circuit
Circuit de la Sarthe 2009
Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 (No Chicane)
Circuit de la Sarthe 2005
Circuit de la Sarthe 2005 (No Chicane)
Nürburgring Nordschleife
Nürburgring 24h
Nürburgring GP/F
Nürburgring GP/D
Nürburgring typeV
Superspeedway – Indy
(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)
Road Course – Indy
(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)
Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Autodromo Nazionale Monza No Chicane
The Top Gear Test Track
Laguna Seca Raceway
High Speed Ring
High Speed Ring / Reverse
Cape Ring
Cape Ring Inside
Cape Ring Periphery
Cape Ring North
Cape Ring South
Autumn Ring
Autumn Ring / Reverse
Autumn Ring Mini
Autumn Ring Mini / Reverse
Deep Forest Raceway
Deep Forest Raceway / Reverse
Grand Valley Speedway
Grand Valley Speedway / Reverse
Grand Valley East Section
Grand Valley East Section / Reverse
Trial Mountain Circuit
Trial Mountain Circuit / Reverse
London / Reverse
Rome / Reverse
Circuito de Madrid
Circuito de Madrid / Reverse
Circuito de Madrid Mini
Circuito de Madrid Mini / Reverse
Tokyo R246
Tokyo R246 / Reverse
Special Stage Route 5 / Night
Special Stage Route 5 / Reverse / Night
Clubman Stage Route 5 / Night
Clubman Stage Route 5 / Reverse / Night
Special Stage Route 7 / Night
Côte d’Azur
Eiger Nordwand Short Track
Eiger Nordwand Short Track / Reverse
Eiger Nordwand K Trail
Eiger Nordwand K Trail / Reverse
Eiger Nordwand G Trail
Eiger Nordwand G Trail / Reverse
Eiger Nordwand W Trail
Eiger Nordwand W Trail / Reverse
Chamonix Main
Chamonix East
Chamonix West
Chamonix Mini
Toscana / Reverse
Those dont really matter as much as the cars right? It is a heck of a long list. You could be scrolling for days. I will only list the car names im excited for and other people I know are excited for.
Camaro SS
Camaro Z28
DeLorean S2 ’04
Viper Srt ’10
Enzo Ferrari ’02
Interceptor Mk 3 ’74
Eclipse GT ’06
GTO Twin Turbo ’95
Did I spot the car from “Back to the Future” and “Mad Max” in there? Oh yes you did. Polyphony Digital knows how to salute to the classics. Dust off the ol’ prologue folks. Its going to be a long two weeks.
whos that guy?

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