Ghost Trick Possesses Chicken in New Trailer…

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Ghost Trick is just little over a month away and another trailer from Capcom has surfaced. To fill you in on what is happening in this clip, the main character, Sissel just woke up to find out that he was dead with no memories of his past and must not only find out why his fate came to be, but protect others from suffering the same fate as well. Each level plays out with different characters in a new setting each time where you must possess objects to gather clues and prevent death from happening to others in a set amount of time.

In this clip, we are taken to a kitchen in which a roller skating waitress is a little confused by her chicken which happens to be possessed by Sissel. It seems that Sissel is trying to piece together a mystery by gather clues in the area and prevent another accident from happening all of while an oblivious chef sings cheerfully. The clip also shows off a bit more of the backstory for Sissel and how it is urgent that you must discover your fate by dawn. Shu Takumi from the Ace Attorney series did a fantastic job creating this vibrant world and the game is coming together nicely and Ghost Trick has a lot of potential as the story telling and innvoative gameplay looks brilliant. You can check out the new trailer below as well as some screenshots and new character art. Ghost Trick is set to release on 1/11/11 in the U.S., no other dates have been announced but as soon as we hear of dates for the EU & AU, we will let you know.

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