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Alright, look, I know this is nothing new, but I just got shown this tonight so I figured I would make a post about it for those of you who aren’t aware.  If you get the Bing toolbar (only works in IE as far as I can tell, so take note firefox/chrome users) you can accumulate bing points, which can be redeemed for various things, one of which being MS points.  100 bing points=100 MS points.

Go here and download the toolbar.  Install it, link it to your windows live ID thats linked with your gamertag, blah blah.  Once all of that is done, load up internet explorer and you should see the bing toolbar with your points flashing in little tab in the toolbar called “rewards”.  Click that tab, go to current offers within that tab and there should be a bunch of ads that you can click on for more points, usually 12 each.  You should another 60 or so with that.  Also within that current offers tab, at the top, it should tell you that for every 2 searches or so (some its 2, others its 5, I haven’t been able to figure out why its different) you get 1 point, up to 12 points a day.  That means you just need to search 26 times to get another 12 points a day, equating to over 100 points a week.  It doesn’t have to be anything big, I just search each letter of the alphabet.  In order to redeem your points, go back into your rewards tab and at the bottom of it should be redemption center.  Click on gift cards and MS points should be floating around somewhere in there, 100 bing for 100 MS.

Don’t believe me?  Go try it.  Act fast, apparently the points you get for searching used to be higher, somewhere like 15 instead of 12, so who knows how much longer this will last until it becomes negligible.

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