EA’s Create Gets a Developer Diary….

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Wonder what it was like to create Create? If your scratching your head with that statement, I am referring to EA’s title that releases next week, Create. In the game, players can create their own world with unique tools to solve various challenges. Think Scribblenauts meets Little Big Planet and you have the concept for Create.

In this developer diary, the creators of the title explain the different ways players can customize each land and objects to solve different puzzles. The team also explains more about the theme-element that goes into each level, such as turning your world into a theme park, skate park, and so on. This game is looking quite interesting and with the online sharing option to share each creation, it seems like the possibilities could be endless. Buzz for this title has not been too huge since it was first announced, but it does contain a lot of “creative” possibilities and looks rather addicting. Check out the Developer Diary below and and for those in the US, Create is now available for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii & PC and will be launching the 19th in Europe.

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