‘Cut the Rope’ plans 1.1 update and has appetizing sales numbers

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There are candy addicts and then there are candy MONSTERS!  We are currently dealing with a monster that loves candy so much that he will literally defy gravity to get it.  Zeptolab is releasing an update to their hit game Cut the Rope that will challenge people to think inside a spaceship themed box and deal with anti-gravity puzzles.  25 puzzles are included as well as better retina display graphics, improved scoring accuracy, more expressive Om Nom animations, new musical sounds and 11 new achievements.  Check out the trailer below to get a sneak peek.

Chillingo, the publisher behind the game has also said that over 3 million people have downloaded the game.  If you want to give it a try, go to these links.

Free Lite Version

Paid Full Version

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