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Crazy Taxi already out on PSN, XBLA next week

Surprise! Turns out that Crazy Taxi has jumped ahead of it’s November 23rd release date and is now out on the Playstation Store. It’s a bit odd when a game jumps ahead and releases before the expected date, but I’m not complaining. Plus if you happen to be a member of the Playstation Plus group, you are in for even more luck. Playstation Plus members are going to be receiving a 20% discount off of their purchase for $10 as long as they do it before November 30th.

For those with an Xbox 360 however, they must wait until next week when the game comes out on November 24th as there has been no news of a bumped up release date for that console. Then again there was barely any warning for this one either! Talk about crazy huh?

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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