Atlus’s new game – The Cursed Crusade

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Atlus, those gods of publishing, have announced a new game.  The Cursed Crusade, looks to be a taste of that Demon’s Souls formula that everybody loved, throwing the player into a medieval, European setting with that hint of dark fantasy.  Now, to be fair, this isn’t developed by From Software, the people who actually made Demon’s Souls.  This game is being made by Kylotonn entertainment who, admittedly, haven’t done much but are looking to “wow” gamers with The Cursed Crusade.

The game follows the stories of a knight and a mercenary as they set off on a quest to save themselves from damnation, the templar’s curse, as it sweeps across the land claiming everything in it’s path.  The combat looks to be in a similar vein as Demon’s Souls, real time with various weapons.  While the game does have fantasy elements, this is no Kingdom Hearts, there are no super colorful and stylized magics/combos to be had, at least from what the in-development footage shows.  It just gets right down to the nitty gritty, just like Demon’s Souls.  The game sports two person (sorry people with more than one friend : /) coop, both online and off.  The game is set to hit this summer on the 360, PS3 and PC so keep an eye out!  Click on over to the official site for some more info and images.

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